Irpin on fire

March 23

Mar.16–28, Multispectral image of fire and smoke in Irpin, Ukraine.

March 18

The city, which for many was a dream, was destroyed by Russia for days and weeks. It became a ghost.

March 21

Russia is waging a war of conquest in Ukraine. For more than a month, the invaders have been destroying houses, schools, hospitals, and civilian infrastructure. Irpen is part of the capital of Ukraine — Kyiv. Now it is almost completely destroyed.

March 24
March 28

#stopwar #stoprussia #stopputin

Image created by Sentinel Hub

Map on GitHub




GIS 🗺️, TrailRunner 🏃‍♂️ add Diver 🤿 . .

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Сергій Щусь

Сергій Щусь

GIS 🗺️, TrailRunner 🏃‍♂️ add Diver 🤿 . .

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